The Strangest Things Seem Suddenly Routine

Musings Of A Quirky Blonde Design Freak Who Founded Her Own Online Retail Shop Selling Dutch Designs I Love

In church

Our office windowOur office is in a converted church,

in a church turret to be exact which

is lovely as it means we have these

beautiful windows to look at.

Not bad eh?

Tidy Up

I am not the tidiest person in the world, much to the frustration of Mr Venka.  

However, I think this clever felted magazine bag will be my saviour!   It is roomy enough to keep all those loose magazine that are lying around the house in it, there will even be space left for any small items cluttering up the dining table.  Now if I can only convince Ms Venka Junior to tidy up after herself (wonder where she gets that from - ah)

Felted Bag

Cheat Chocolate Treat

Some emergencies call for an instant chocolate treat.   On those rare occassions I can’t find any chocolate in the house, I rustle up this Cheat Chocolate Treat.  

It takes about 4 minutes to make.

Serves 1

You need

2 table spoons of plain flour 
2 table spoons of sugar 
1 table spoon of  unsweetened cocoa 
1 table spoon of vegetable oil 
1 table spoon of  water 
Pinch of salt 
Very small splash of vanilla essence (I use a smear of vanilla paste)

This is how you make it

1. Place all ingredients in a pretty mug. 
2. Stir thoroughly. 
3. Put in microwave and set to somewhere between 1 and 2 minutes at highest heat. 


This depends on your microwave -  My chocolate treat is perfect at 1 minute 40 seconds

Tweet Tweet!

I am a tiny bit in love with the fabulous Karlsson Woodpecker clock

Stylish, witty and whimsical, it is bound to cheer you up on a rainy day like this. 

I can see it hanging in my kitchen, after I finish painting it that is.  

I am still torn what colour to pick, my builders had a great laugh at the patchwork of sample colours on the kitchen wall when they installed the new units. 

I quite like this Dulux colour scheme the Orchid Opera is a gorgeous pinky off-white which would look great with some fabulous  bright green and pink accent colours. 

Make Tea Not War

It seems a bit frivolous to write about things pretty and new when people have died in the recent riots.   The UK spirit has been very uplifting though, with people from all walks of life, ages and religions mucking in to protect communities, cleaning up the streets and giving out tea to the police who have been on 12 hours shifts.

So if you see any police, fireman or ambulance staff out on the streets doing their job under very difficult circumstances, ask them if they would like a nice cup of tea.   It shows appreciation, solidarity and above all humanity.

Make Tea, Not War.  

London Rocks

The last few days have been incredibly scary due to the riots.  

Yesterday we had to evacuate our offices on order of the police, if you tried to telephone us, sorry!

I love London and I think London Rocks.   Why?  Because there is an incredible spirit,  Londoners took to the street armed with brooms and buckets and helped clean up.  The same spirit that was there the day after the London bombings, the spirit that says’ You may scare us but you will not beat us’.


London Rocks

Riding A Bike Amsterdam-Style

I am very excited to find out the Dutch Gazelle bikes are now available in the UK.

I LOVE this bike with its simple lines, I like the splashes of orange and the 3 or 7 gears which are perfect for hilly Greenwich. The only thing that is missing is a basket at the front to put your shopping in.  

I wonder if they need a certain Dutch girl (hint,hint) to ‘test-ride’ it.   I can ride a bike Amsterdam-style, dressed in a skirt and high heels, with an umbrella in one hand whilst steering with two kids in bike seats and a load of grocery shopping in bags. 

Home Sick

I feel home sick, I miss my beautiful home town Amsterdam, the cycling, the canals, the people, my loved ones and liquorice.   I love living in London, there is just something incredibly romantic and dreamy about Amsterdam.   

Maybe I should get some of these gorgeous print made by Miss Laura to cheer myself up.   The fact that she is an English lady now living in Amsterdam seems strangely appropiate. 

Canal House Print